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The Mortgage Reports:
Mortgage Rates Didn"t Actually Move Sharply Lower Today
7/18/2024 3:02 PM
Thursday"s mark the release of Freddie Mac"s weekly mortgage rate survey.  It"s the longest running and most widely cited measure of mortgage rates, but it"s not always the most accurate when it comes to tracking day to day changes. In today"s case, the survey showed a sharp drop from 6.89 to 6.77.  In actuality, the drop was a bit bigge...Read More
Mortgage Rates Holding Near 5 Month Lows
7/17/2024 3:26 PM
Despite an active calendar of events that had the potential to cause volatility, average mortgage rates managed to remain unchanged in the morning and to move slightly lower in the afternoon.  Last Thursday"s inflation data helped 30yr fixed rates drop to 5 month lows and there hasn"t been much movement since then. Technically, today"s rates ...Read More
Mortgage Rate Winning Streak Finally Ends, But Just Barely
7/16/2024 3:00 PM
When is a defeat not really a defeat?  Mortgage rates have an idea.  They"re fresh off an incredibly rare 8 day winning streak that took the average 30yr fixed rate to the lowest levels in 5 months AND well under the 7% mark for top tier scenarios. Contrast all that gloriousness to today"s performance which saw the average inch higher by...Read More
Mortgage Rates" Impressive Winning Streak Faces Increasing Resistance
7/15/2024 3:36 PM
We occasionally reference 5 day winning streaks for mortgage rates as the sort of uncommon occurrence that greatly increases the odds of at least a temporary pullback.  Longer streaks do happen, but odds of a pullback increase sharply after 8 days. With all that in mind, today marked the 8th straight day of improvement in mortgage rates. Doe...Read More
Mortgage Rates Shrug Off Seemingly Threatening Inflation Data to hit 5 Month Lows
7/12/2024 3:23 PM
Yesterday was all about the CONSUMER Price Index (CPI), which helped mortgage rates drop at the 2nd fastest pace of the year.  Today brough the PRODUCER Price Index (PPI), and the message was a bit different. While PPI is not in the same league as CPI in terms of its impact on rates, there have been several recent examples that have left a ma...Read More
Mortgage Rates Drop Sharply After Inflation Data
7/11/2024 2:53 PM
Rates were prepared to make a big move in one direction or the other heading into today"s high stakes inflation data.  Fortunately, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) came in quite a bit lower than expected, leading to a sharp decline in rates at the average lender.   30yr fixed rates had already trickled back below 7% yesterday.  ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Tick Back Below 7.0%, But Just Barely
7/10/2024 2:44 PM
Mortgage rates have been in a narrow range for more than a month now with the average top tier 30yr fixed rate staying within striking distance of the 7.0% mark for the entirety. The number was 7.01 yesterday and it"s down to 6.99 today.  This matches the level last seen on June 14th and you"d have to go back to March to see anything much lowe...Read More
Mortgage Rates Barely Budge, But That Will Change Soon
7/9/2024 3:08 PM
Mortgage rates are based on movement in the bond market and bonds haven"t been moving much over the past 3 days.  That"s resulted in very little change in the average mortgage rate from one day to the next, and zero change today.   Bonds can be inspired by a number of events and data points.  In the past, scheduled congressiona...Read More
Mortgage Rates Gently Lower to Begin New Week
7/8/2024 2:50 PM
Apart from July 1st, mortgage rates have fallen every day so far this month.  The counterpoint is that only adds up to 4 business days so far.  The other counterpoint is that the improvements have been fairly modest over the past two days with the average borrower still likely to be quoted the same interest rate seen on Friday.  Th...Read More
Mortgage Rates End Week Lower Thanks to Jobs Report
7/5/2024 3:21 PM
The average top tier 30yr fixed rate may not be back under 7% just yet, but as of Friday, it is back below the levels seen last Friday.  That fact is at odds with major weekly rate surveys which showed a somewhat significant increase, but those surveys came out before today"s jobs report. Officially known as The Employment Situation, the jobs...Read More